Online Tools to Manage Your Clients

Every entrepreneur and business owner dreams about hundreds of clients walking through the door every day. However, as your business grows and reaches a wider community, it is vital to step up your client management game. If an Excel sheet was all you needed when your business was just moving its first steps, now it is time to support its growth with an efficient organizational system in place.

Managing your customers effectively won’t only streamline your business operations but also keep your clients happier, loyal, and more satisfied. Here are five online tools to consider today!

A Tailored CRM System

CRM software - or customer relationship management tools - are scalable and entirely customizable systems that can help you manage your clientele. Depending on the features you have opted for, a CRM system will automatically gather the contact details of your customers from the various channels, organizing them and ensuring that relevant teams have immediate access to the database.

Thanks to a CRM tool, you can monitor each customer’s activity, keep sensitive data organized, and automate communication. After all, over 89% of buyers report switching to another brand because of poor communication and customer experience.

Whether you are a small but fast-growing local business or a larger enterprise with hundreds of clients, a CRM system is a great starting point to get a better hold of your audience.

Online Calendars

Juggling meetings, appointments, communication, and tasks can be challenging, especially as the number of your clients starts to grow! At this point, having a sharp memory is not enough and, in the digital era, jotting times and dates down on a notepad is no longer an efficient way to keep track of your clients.

That is where online scheduling and calendar tools can help you. When adding an event on a calendar, you can automatically see the name, notes, and information regarding the meeting and client. Both you and your clients will receive notifications ahead of the upcoming meeting so that you don’t have to worry about remembering essential events.

If you are still at the stage of finding an agreement on times and dates, online scheduling systems allow you to send your timetable directly to your clients, so they can pick the preferred time and date - saving you hours of back-and-forth emails!

A Preferred Communication Channel

Each customer is unique, and, for a business, it is essential to recognize this diversity. Asking your client what their preferred communication method is an excellent way to let them know that you value their preferences. But, it can also help you adapt your approach depending on their specific needs.

For example, some clients might be comfortable replying to emails almost immediately, while others might prefer a quick phone call - after all, today’s email opening rate is just over 20%! Knowing how to efficiently contact your clients can save you from hours of failed attempts.

Use Invoicing Tools

Manually sending out invoices can be a solution only at the very first stages of your business. However, as your customer base starts to expand, you need a scalable system that helps you keep up with all the tasks related to invoicing and payments. Besides helping you keep up with vital compliance, invoicing tools also offer you the choice to receive essential stats and information about your clients.

Coach Calendar: The Online Tool To Manage Your Clients

Managing your clients is essential for your business operations, reputation, and, ultimately, success. With Coach Calendar, you can integrate your chosen CRM system and invoicing tools and streamline your client communication. From arranging meetings with individual clients to better understanding your audience, Coach Calendar is the all-in-one tool that allows you to save time and help your business grow.