How To Track & Manage Online Coaching Clients

More clients mean more revenue and opportunities, but the growing phase of your business is the one when the stakes are their highest! Today, online coaching is among the fastest-growing industries worldwide, also thanks to the impact of Covid-19 and the digitalization of businesses.

This trend offers unmissable opportunities for senior executives, mentors, coaches, and personal trainers or teachers in the wellness sector. However, the market is becoming quickly saturated, which makes maintaining your competitive edge and enhancing your customer experience paramount.

Tracking and managing your clients can require time and resources, but it is essential to get it right to continue growing your business. Here's how to do it without sacrificing the time needed to drive your business forward.

Use a CRM System

CRM - or Customer Relationship Management - software is an essential tool for any growing business. They don't only help you manage and track your clients, but they also allow you to plot crucial pieces of information, which, in turn, will enable you to understand your market better.

CRM systems are fully customizable and tailored to your business needs, so you can choose the essential functions for your business goals and forego others. And, of course, a better understanding of your audience can lead to increased sales, as shown by the 65% of businesses that achieved their sales quota thanks to CRM.

Leverage Filters and Labels

If emails are your primary communication channel with your clients, you can introduce a management and tracking system by using filters and labels. However, you might also decide to integrate your scheduling app or CRM software with your email and handle all client communication through a single platform.

If your team is still small, using labels and filters can help you single-handedly manage a growing number of clients. But remember, it is essential to know when to upgrade to an automated scheduling system!

Ensure Team Collaboration

It is impossible to track and manage your customers if your team is not on the same page! Thanks to your CRM software or scheduling app, you can see at what point of the customer journey a client is.

They might have just booked their first consultation, looking for customer support, or buying your product again. In any case, your team members need to access this information to know when to follow up and when a client needs some extra help along the way.

With a scheduling app such as Coach Calendar, your team members don't have to remember these details, as everything is stored and accessible through the app - securely and efficiently.

Keep Track of Payments

Naturally, invoices and payments are essential for a business to guarantee cash flow and continue to operate. However, most growing companies end up introducing an accounting professional just to keep up with payments and invoices! If your budget is still too limited to start a new department, a scheduling app can be just what you need.

Thanks to the accessible interface, you can set up recurring payments, send payment reminders, and ensure that your clients are satisfied with the service.

Use an Online Calendar Scheduling App

A scheduling app can make it much simpler for you and your teams to manage your growing number of clients. Thanks to Coach Calendar, your customers can use a self-service option to select their preferred time and date. Once the meeting is set, you will both receive notification and reminders, so all you will need to do is show up in time!