How To Manage Online Clients for Personal Training

As gyms and fitness centers have been closed for over a year, it makes sense to bring your personal training business online - and you are in good company! The online and virtual fitness industry is expected to grow by 33% in the next six years!

Such impressive growth is bound to bring unmissable opportunities for today's personal trainers - but the competition has never been fiercer. And, as the number of your online clients grows, it is crucial to streamline your management and communication systems. Besides helping you fit in more clients, increasing your revenue, and achieving a better work-life balance, streamlined communication is essential to secure your customers' loyalty and grow your business. See how below!

Automate Your Client Management

As your business grows and your clients' volume increases, automation is key to keep up with communication and scheduling.

A tailored online personal training software allows you to organize your customers' information, monitor data, and keep sensitive data safe. High-quality software and scheduling tools can help you automate the whole organizational part of your business, so you can focus on helping your online clients achieve the desired results.

Value the Onboarding Process

The onboarding journey is essential for any business, but even more so for personal trainers. Indeed each client's health and fitness journey is different - as their personal needs might be.

During the onboarding process, you not only have the chance to meet them, but you can also use this valuable time to save important pieces of information. Aside from contact details, you can learn more about their health, goals, and limitations - and keep everything on your online personal training software.

Keep Track of Their Progress

The world of fitness and personal training is one of the most result-driven industries out there - and you should ensure that your clients notice their achievements! Especially after so much hard work, you need to record their measurement, assessment data, weight, and health indicator. And, don't forget that before-and-after photos can be an effective marketing tool for your business!

Keep Sensitive Data Secure

Your customers will confide in you and expect a trustworthy business. After all, they will be sharing their weight, habits, body composition, diet, medical data, and lifestyle with you. So, keeping their data, information, and signed paperwork safe is essential.

For this, personal training software and scheduling system are crucial! These tools won't only allow you to share and access files in all safety, but they are also better protected against cyber-attacks and malware.

Automate Payments

Naturally, customer satisfaction and experience come first in business, but making sure that payments are collected correctly is just as essential for cash flow and sustainability. At first, you might just be able to ask for individual payments, but as your client base expands, you won't want to spend hours sorting out invoices and payments.

Luckily, today, you can automate this aspect of your business and use payments getaway that ensure safe and immediate transactions. Since most of your clients will require to set up recurring payments, these systems can truly help you better manage your revenue.

Seamlessly Manage Your PT Clients With Coach Calendar

You've worked hard to ensure a steady flow of customers through your personal training business - now it is time to reap the fruits of success! With Coach Calendar, you can seamlessly schedule training sessions, communication, meetings, and assessments with your clients - using their preferred communication channel!