Calendly Alternative

The pandemic has accelerated important trends that have been emerging over the past years, including remote working. Almost overnight, businesses had to adapt to the new way of working. While over 94% of employees long to return to the office at least partially, some changes are likely to stay.

One of these is the use of technology and automation to streamline business operations. Among the many apps that businesses have started to use is Calendly, the first calendar app to help companies to forego the back and forth of meeting scheduling. However, no two apps will work the same way for your business - and finding the right alternative to Calendly can truly make a difference when integrating a new tool. Here's why Coach Calendar is the option to consider.

Why Do You Need an Alternative to Calendly?

The coaching industry is thriving, and with the many opportunities that come with this growth also comes a much fiercer competition. Streamlining your business communication, appointment scheduling, and client management can help you establish your brand and maintain your unique competitive edge. Coach Calendar can meet the specific needs of professionals in your niche and exceed your customers' expectations.

Scheduling Tailored to Your Audience

Coaches engage with a unique audience. They are usually busy professionals or promising talents looking to learn more about a specific field or subject. While they might dedicate their attention to the courses you offer, they also have to juggle a full-time job and their family life. So, they have limited time to spend trying to schedule recurring meetings! With Coach Calendar, they can easily access your timetable and book a slot when it is most convenient to them.

Improved Productivity and Work-Life Balance

A recent survey shows a sharp increase in burnout levels across workers in the US, also connected to the fact that many professionals struggle to find a better work-life balance when working from home. Thanks to Coach Calendar, you can set your own timetables, take time off you need, and ensure that no meeting eats into your precious family time or rest hours.

Scalable Client Management Solutions

As your business grows, you'll expect your clients to increase over the next months. Undoubtedly that's what every business owner wants to see - but are you prepared for it? A calendar scheduling system allows you to gather all the vital contact information regarding your clients, send notifications before a meeting takes place, and access the details you need to be prepared for your appointment.

More importantly, you can enjoy the same system and database at each stage of your business - from when it is nothing more than a startup to when it becomes a large, established firm.

Suitable for Your Business's Niche

Coaching is a unique niche with unique features and needs. And, it is essential to find a scheduling and client management solution that reflects these needs. With Coach Calendar, you can personalize your dashboard to collect vital data for your customer journey. For example, as a personal trainer, you might wish to gather measurements or before-and-after photos. Instead, as a business mentor, you might need to record financial assessments or progress.

Coach Calendar: Easier Scheduling At Your Fingertips

Coach Calendar is the alternative to Calendly for professionals in the coaching industry. From senior-level executives to personal trainers, Coach Calendar boasts unique features that meet the specific needs of busy professionals in your niche. So, you can focus more on designing the perfect training plan for your students and cut it down without having to deal with all the back-and-forth of scheduling meetings with your clients.